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New York - Life Underground - Outdoor sculpture by Tom Otterness Jerusalem - Anti-Malaria Cover Tel Aviv - Hassan Bek Mosque - covers from the British Mandate period Heating - London - Notting Hill - R. H. & J. Pearson Oslo - A lid with a background of three semicircles Oslo - A cover with the city emblem in the center Chicago - a background similar to the sunflower flower Pörtschach am Wörthersee - cover with a tennis racket on it Riverside (Illinois) - drain cover with snail-shaped grooves London - a large round lid with transparent squares Tokyo - A cover that is a work of art at Studio Ghibli Copenhagen - Cover designed by the Danish artist Peter Hentze Copenhagen - the tree of life and death and 5 birds designed by Anne Mette Dixen Ebetsu - Cover with a picture of a fisherman on it Rome, GA - Sewage New Orleans - Water meter Hakodate - Sewage Sapporo - Sewage Lisbon - There’s art in the sewers - Cais das Colunas Lisbon - There’s art in the sewers - The fountain in Rossio square Lisbon - There’s art in the sewers - Padrão dos Descobrimentos Haifa - Downtowm - Drainage - 2016 Ahmedabad - The lid is decorated with "buttons" that form a geometric shape Carnation, WA - A drain cover designed with a smiling sun in the center Haifa - Baha’i gardens - designed drain cover Levov - a lid with the Compass rose on it Piaseczno - A cover intended for the water and sewage company Onomichi - Fire hydrant Copenhagen - Heating - the tree of life and death and 5 birds designed by Anne Mette Dixen Drammen - 200 years of the united city Copenhagen - Cover commemorating the victory of Jonas Vingegaard, Denmark in the Tour de France Drammen - covers and on it major sites in the city Drammen - 175 years of the united city Stockholm - Cover and background of a pipe factory Warsaw - a lid with the Compass rose on it (2) Arendal - a cover marked with 300 years for the city Liptovský Mikuláš- Cover with a background with many decorations Trenčín - Cover with the city emblem on it (2) Tokyo - Inokashira Park - Cover with a painting of a seagull and cherry blossoms Tokyo - The garden of the Imperial Palace - Prefecture Flower Route of Japan - Saitama Banff, AB -  Buffalo Street Shanghai - East Nanjing Road Banff, AB - Caribou Street Vancouver - Cover designed by Susan Point Calgary - Artistic sewer cover - Chinook Calgary - Artistic Water Lid - Drinking Cup Calgary - Artistic wastewater cover - Water purification process Varaždin - Sewage - Cover and in the center a figure working in a foundry factory Fukuoka - Water - World Swimming Championships 2023 Fukuoka - Water - Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks baseball team Naha - Recycled water Sapporo - Sewage (2) Singapore - a cover in the Marina Gardens, with a sample of the artificial trees in the garden Asahikawa - drain cover designed in the shape of the plant that symbolizes the city Mikasa - Pokemon series cover Ashibetsu - a lid with the constellation Orion on it Ashibetsu - a lid with the constellation Gemini on it Ashibetsu - a lid with the constellation Sagittarius on it Shari - a sewer cover with the flower symbolizing the city on it: a rugosa rose Kutchan - A cap denoting a twin cities alliance with St. Moritz Tokyo - Electricity - High pressure Osaka - sewer - lid with EXPO 2025 symbol on it Osaka - the character of warsman from the manga series Kinnikuman Ikeda (Osaka) - a lid with the flower, bird and tree symbolizing the city Ikeda (Osaka) - Warning against bank transfer fraud Kobe - sewer - covers and on it well-known buildings in the city Kami - Ryūga Cave - Sewer Takamatsu - colorful cover with a samurai shooting an arrow Takamatsu - Pokemon series cover Takamatsu - Fire hydrant (2) Hatsukaichi - a sewage manhole cover with an illustration related to the city’s famous oysters Hiroshima - Sewer - Cover commemorating Saigoku Kaido Hiroshima - Sewer - The mascot of the baseball team: Hiroshima Toyo Carp Fukuoka - cover with an abstract design Bondi Beach - Sewer - cover with views of the city of Sydney Beppu - Fire hydrant - Diagonal Ōita - The lid that won the lid design competition in 1996 Beppu - Sewerage - Cover promoting the hot water springs of Beppu Beppu - Drainage - Flower City Caps Series - peach and pansy Beppu - Drainage - Flower City Caps Series - Hydrangea and Garden marguerite La Paz - drinking water Beppu - Drainage - Flower City Caps Series - Cosmos and Confederate rose Shakotan - Cover with an illustration of sea urchins and the beach of Shimamui Sapporo - drain valve chamber Osaka - Water control valve Seoul - Water valve Busan - fireplug Busan - drain cover with fish-shaped slots Seogwipo - Sewage (2) Seogwipo- Sewer - a cover with a special shape with an illustration of a bird in the center Paris - Cover in the Great Synagogue of Paris with the Star of David in the center New York - Nintendo Store cover Paris - Cover near the Louvre Museum with a background of leaves Paris - drain cover with curvilinear drainage grooves (3) Paris - Cover in the Great Synagogue of Paris Moscow - Zaryadye Park - Drainage Svetlogorsk - Sewage - World Cup 2018 Saint Petersburg - Sewage - cover with a background of leaves Helisniki - environmental services

The ultimate manhole covers site

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