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  • You have to enter your e-mail address and name (this is the photographer's name that will appear on the website), you can also add a name in Hebrew. You must also approve the conditions for adding a photo
  • Press the camera button to turn on the camera (or the icon at the bottom of the screen), the camera on the device will turn on, press the camera icon button to take a specific cover, or the other button to exit the camera screen.
  • A preview image will appear, you can add comments. Important: Since the app also serves the ultimate street sign site, you have to choose whether you want to send a cover or sign. Click the send button.
  • You can view the lids and signs around you (top menu "Around me"). The covers and signs around you will be displayed on the map. You can click on any of the covers or signs for details.
  • To send pictures that have already been taken, click the image icon at the bottom of the screen.
If you would like to submit photos through the site, continue to the following sections.
Thank you for adding cover images and increasing the number of covers.
Please read the instructions carefully before adding the required information.
You must also agree to the site's terms for adding an image by marking your consent in the appropriate place.

Instructions for adding a picture

  • Location services must be enabled when the image is taken. An image without location information must be accompanied by the exact address from which the image was taken. And even then its entry into the site is subject to the discretion of the editors.
    You can read about enabling location services in the following links:
    • iOS (iPhone, iPad): In the section "Turn Location Services on or off" The provision of location services to a specific application is explained in detail. Make sure to select "always" or "while using" for "Camera".
    • Android: Make sure that location tags for Camera are enabled.
  • The image can be added by dragging it to the dotted area (naturally not possible on mobile), or by pressing the button .
  • Once the image has been successfully uploaded you will receive an indication by displaying the image and its location.
  • You must fill in your name in English (this name will appear on the site as the cover photographer), you can also include your name in Hebrew, so that it will appear in the Hebrew version of the site (otherwise the English name will appear).
  • Mark your consent to the site terms and press the button

Terms for adding an image

  • I agree that the attached image (hereinafter "the image") will appear on the site "The ultimate manhole covers site" -
  • I agree that my name will appear as the source that provided "the image", and I confirm that the year "the image" was taken and its geographic location will appear on the site.
  • I am aware that the operators will make changes to "the image" and that the name of will be stamped on "the image".
  • I give an irrevocable permission to the operators of to use "the image" without requesting any compensation on my part. I am aware that I can not ask the site operators to remove "the image" later, and adding or removing "the image" from the site is subject to the exclusive discretion of the operators of the site.
Please fill out the following fields (a field marked with * is required)

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