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About the site

I decided to create the ultimate manhole covers site on the morning walk where I've noticed the assortment of manhole covers: Sewerage (naturally), water, communication, lightning and more, the shape, size and different writing on each cover.

In this site you can find manhole covers from around the world, from different categories where each cover has a details description, its geo-location and more.

In addition to the cover image there are many other details, such as: its purpose, location, its builder and more.

"Bug" category is a special category that marks covers that are placed in the wrong city, has typos etc. You can reach all the covers in that category by clicking on list of all covers that belong to the bug category.

Search engine

The search feature of the site let you find covers according to many criteria: city, country, shape, category, builder and more.
You can also search for an address or a word(s) that appears in the name, description or comments of the cover. Please note that when the search phrase contains more than one word the search results are covers where those words appear together and not separately), i.e a search for "street management" will match only for covers that contain that exact combination and will not match "street of London by the management".

You can narrow the search results by clicking on the Click for advance search button in the search box. A set of more search options will appear that will narrow the results set. For example clicking on shape: Elliptical, category: water. city: Tel Aviv will return all the covers that are from the water category are in Tel Aviv with eliptical shape.

Another option to reach the search results is via the page Cover's details. Clicking on one of the cover's category will return all the covers from that category.

Cover map

On the Cover map the covers are displayed in their geographical locations. Note that there may be a lid located on the site and is not displayed in a particular location, since the site contains only covers that differ from each other, so it is likely that the same cover is elsewhere.

Layers and filters

You can filter some of the results so that only certain type of covers is displayed on the map. To use this feature, use the checkboxes located above the map (under the Layers label in the mobile version).
To remove all covers that belong to a given category from the map, make sure that the checkbox next to the category name is empty, to re-display the specific category, re-check the appropriate box.
There are two special checkboxes:
Hide all - Clicking on this checkbox will clear the marks from all categories checkboxes, removing all covers from the map.
Show all - Clicking on this checkbox will check the checkboxes for all existing categories.

If you reach the map by clicking on the button on the search results page, only the covers that match the search criteria will be displayed.
In this case in order to view the other covers, clear the checkbox: Show search results only(which will be checked in case of arrival from the search results page). Checking this box re-display only the search results.
Note : Enabling or clearing the "Show search results only" box does not depend on marking or clearing the category checkboxes, so you can see the search results with some category filtering and more.

Location and tracking

Please pay attention:
Your location
Clicking this button will center the map around your current location.
Enable and disable tracking
This button will only appear in the case of mobile browsing. Clicking on the button will activate tracking services: the map will continuously display your current position while on the go. In "Tracking" mode the tracking... box will appear as long as this mode is enabled.
Pressing the button again will turn off tracking mode.

The ultimate manhole covers site

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