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5476 Communication cover from Rishon Lezion in the center of Rehovot
Ya’akov St 15, Rehovot, Israel
5477 ICT traffic lights from Tel Aviv on the border of Ramat Gan and Givatayim
David Ben Gurion Rd 177, Ramat Gan, Israel
5478 Netanya - Sewage - 2006
Nitsa Blvd 2, Netanya, Israel
5479 Petach Tikva - Sewage - Gilded (2)
Aharon Katsir St 5, Petah Tikva, Israel
5480 Rishon Lezion - Electricity - Modular
Akhad ha-Am St 10, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
5481 Holon - Traffic lights - Large symbol - 2011
Bialik St 70, Holon, Israel
5482 Raanana - Water - Elliptical
Ostrovsky St 41, Ra’anana, Israel
5483 Water cover from Ashdod in Gedera
Faybel St 1, Gedera, Israel
5484 Bezeq - rectangular - new logo - 2019
Arlozorov St 1, Hadera, Israel
5485 Water Department Givatayim Municipality - Cover with handle
Weizman St 65, Giv’atayim, Israel
5486 Richmond (London) - Cycling is prohibited
28 George St, Richmond TW9 1HJ, UK
5487 Oxford - a route for pedestrians and cyclists
27 Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HU, UK
5488 Oxford - Heating - Circles and trapezoids, some of which are transparent
Queens Lane (Stop J1), Oxford OX1 4BG, UK
5489 Oxford - Tiny square lid - POT
90 High St, Oxford OX1 4BJ, UK
5490 Oxford - Modular diagonal
20 Catte St, Oxford OX1 4AL, UK
5491 Oxford - Vertical cover - Knowles & Son
University Church, Oxford OX1, UK
5492 Oxford - A small square lid with a background of rhombuses and a lifting handle
23 Magdalen St, Oxford SE1 1EN, UK
5493 Kfar Vitkin - Drainage - Round mesh cover
Derech HaKfar 125, Kfar Vitkin, Israel
5494 Beit Herut - Cellcom - fiber optic
Ha-Rishonim St 3, Beit Herut, Israel
5495 Hofit - Sewage
Kokhav ha-Yam St 23, Hofit, Israel
5496 Sewage cover from Rishon Lezion in the city of Tayibe
Northern Exit from Ring, Tayibe, Israel
5497 Hadar Am - Drainage
HaRishonim/HaKfar Boulevard, Hadar Am, Israel
5498 Petach Tikva - Sewage - 2005
Lohamei HaGhetto St 12, Petah Tikva, Israel
5499 Water cover from Netanya in Tel Mond
Avnei Hen St 27, Tel Mond, Israel
5500 Hod Hasharon - Polysiv
Sokolov St 14, Hod Hasharon, Israel

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