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Drain covers and covers for control chambers for vehicle and pedestrian areas
Standard of the Israeli Standards Institution ( ): This standard applies to drain openings and covers to control cells with a free opening of up to 1000 mm, and they are designed for installation in areas where there is movement of pedestrians and / or vehicles. On the ground and on drain openings in the floor, roof or buildings. The purpose of the European Standard is to set definitions, species, materials, design and testing requirements, marking and quality control of lids for drainage openings (From the standard page in the Standards Institution of Israel web site)

In English the standard is labeled IS 489 and sometimes SII 489

The standard is partially equivalent to the Standard EN124 ( )

Download the standard from the Israeli Standards Institute site (payment)

An example of a cover that carries the standard on the "ultimate manhole covers" site. From this lid the picture that appears in the general section was taken.
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