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Takayama - Colorful cover with an illustration of Mt. Kurai and the blossoming of cherry trees Osaka - A colorful lid with a drawing of Osaka Castle Leeds - hexagonal cover London - A triangle composed of several circles London - Silent Knight - octagon - diagonal Kobe - Kitano - Historical House - 1908 Kobe (Japan) - landscape of the city and Rokko mountain Wajima - fish, vegetables and two women Kobe - Kitano - Historical House - 1915 Kobe - Kitano - Historical House - 1909 Lecce - Cover with the emblem of the Fascist movement Seattle - a cover designed by Garth Edwards Tel Aviv - Wolfman gilded Toulouse - Circles of geometric shapes Toulouse - Square cover with floral background Swanage - Cover in a shape close to the triangle Noida - floral background with Stars of David London - Manhole cover is a manhole cover is a manhole cover ... Warsaw - Vector Rome - SPQR - Triangular shaped cover Bergen - 2000 Paris - La Madeleine - Decorated cover Holon - Circular cover with a background composed of circles surrounded by a suitable frame Leipzig - a cover with overlapping geometric shapes Rotterdam - silver cover Giza  - Tawakol - designed cover Sakata - A colorful lid with an illustration of a lighthouse and a ship Sakata - diagonal cover Takayama  - A cover with a background of Rhododendron Sakata - colorful cover with a picture of flowers, island and birds Sakata - A colorful lid with an illustration of a lighthouse and a ship (2) Takayama - A cover covered with bricks of different colors Thorshofn - (Þórshöfn) - Cover with flower-shaped background Budapest - Cover with a grid of lines at different angles Singapore - A cover with a rhombuses background that form a star Paris - Notre-Dame - Circles of geometric shapes Paris - Tuileries Garden - Cover with leaves background Leyburn - Round lid with 6 bumps Bishopsbourne  (Kent) - pentagonal lid - CIVIC Barcelona - Pueblo Espanyol Gardona Riviera - a rectangular cover  Udaipur SRLU Classical Greek pattern MONTGOMERY - Diagonal - London BLC Udiapur PANKAJ Jaipur Airport - Mumbai Greek round lid Airport - Thessaloniki (Thermi) The Old City of Jerusalem Hebron - Tel Rumeida Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 Gan Shmuel - "Chameleon" cover Tel Aviv - Ramat Hahayal - Cover "Chameleon" Meishar - Plastic Udaipur SRLU 2 Jaipur  with Nitts Mumbai - NECO Round concrete - Gedera Luton Diagonal London - A frame with diamonds JMD - City palace - Udaipur RIF Jaipur Round concrete - Tel Aviv Aristotelis - Diagonal squares Udaipur - No writing Mumbai - BOMBAY 4 Multipurpose - Vulcan logo in the middle Mei Avivim - No category - 2012 Brussels - rectangular with squares Tel Aviv - A square "chameleon" New Delhi - LSP Jaipur - Round lid with rhombuses Airport - Thessaloniki (Thermi) Estimated Udaipur - 9 slots Mumbai - NECO - inspection cover Chalkidiki - Round cover London diagonal Dreadnought London diagonal CHIEFTAIN Udipur - without writing - with handles Airport - Thessaloniki (Thermi) - Beauty London - PAm INTER-AX Udaipur - very small squares Jaipur - A concrete lid with a circle Round concrete - 25 tons - Tel Aviv Udaipur - metallic with handle Mumbai - EP- inspection cover Udaipur - metallic with 2 handles Airport - Thessaloniki (Thermi) - CHESTIRIA London - GLCC - small cover London - Cross in circles The Municipality of Tel Aviv - General Cover MONTGOMERY - Diagonal - Luton Heathrow Airport - Terminal 4 - round cover London - Hyde Park - Speakers’ Corner - diagonal London - Squares and a circle made up of squares in the center Barcelona - Fabregas Barcelona - Fabregas - squares Barcelona - Fabregas - squares with SGS certification Barcelona - A.P.B. Udaipur - another SRLU  New Delhi - WW Jaipur - RIF - a small cover London - Silent Knight - diagonal London - Greenwich - diagonal with triangles London - VALIANT London - Hempstead - Tiny lid HB London - Marble Arch - diagonal London - A rectangular cover with a square background Tel Aviv - ROTONIV - Tel Aviv Museum of Art London - rectangular with circle in the middle of the lid Hebron - Shuhada Street - Hejazi Hebron - Shuhada Street - Round lid with radial squares Jaffa - a. Lieber Hayarkon Park - Concrete cover Udaipur - SKIF AGRA6 Hebron - Al-Shuhada Street London - A background of triangular squares Tel Aviv -"Chameleon"  in northern Tel Aviv Tokyo - City crest within circles Tokyo - The city crest surrounded by squares Kyoto - the city symbol in the center and background round symbols London - glass and metal Tokyo - the letter K and surrounding circles Jerusalem - Cover with tiles London - Covent Garden - "Chameleon" Cover Beit Hanania - Plastic Wroclaw - a grid of squares Tokyo - Circular pattern Warsaw - round cover with squares Warsaw - round lid with lifting handle Warsaw - Round lid with grooves around Warsaw - round "chameleon" cover Lecce - Cover with the symbol of the Fascist movement and the city emblem Warsaw - Pizza-like cover Lecce - Cover with an unidentified logo Athens - covers of circuits consisting of the letter I and the center of the let Vienna - circles and rays surrounded by a square frame with slots Vienna - PURATOR Athens - square with zigzag Athens - a pair of tight covers - Modular Beit Hanania - Rectangular with squares London - unknown - rectangular Haifa - Wadi Salib - Engineering Department London - Diagonal - CHIEFTAIN San Cristóbal de las Casas - COVASA Medford - A rectangular lid with embossed tiles Medford - MET Givat Haim (Ihud) - Plastic Economic Development Authority TLV - 2004 London - PAm INTER-AX 2 London - square concrete cover Cancún - Square lid with two handles Lexington - a square cover with a grid of diagonals Cancún - square cover London -  diagonal London - A square cover with a square background Udaipur- SRLU - rectangular Mumbai - NDA Jerusalem - Gilo Neighborhood - S-B London - A rectangular cover with a background composed of squares London - Covent Garden - a round lid with a line and circles of squares New York - A round lid with many hexagons in it New York - An octagonal lid Rishpon - round concrete cover - Ackerstein Villafranca di Verona - Verona airport - Valerio Catullo Tel Aviv - A concrete cover with a thick metal frame Gardone Riviera - square cover Salò - Square covers with slots Gardone Riviera - a square cover with a background of rhombus Gardona Riviera - square cover with an handle Udaipur - NECO Gardone Riviera - REXEL Maor - A concrete cover with a metal label Salò - SIGNUM 400 Gardona Riviera - LAMPLAST - 2007 Tel Aviv -"Chameleon"cover on Rothschild Boulevard Salò - Square cover Gardona Riviera - Square cover and circle in the center - Model 550 Haifa - The French Carmel - Mosaic model Salò - Square cover with arrowhead background and a handle Gardone Riviera - square cover with arrowheads and 2 handles Pardes Hanna Karkur - Concrete cover - Maisar Gardone Riviera - SPEZIONE Gardone Riviera - Cover with a background made of the letters LI HaGihon - Jerusalem - general cover Kettering - URBAN - diagonal Sirmione - a square cover without specifying the category Kettering - A square cover with a square background London - Diagonal CLARKSTEEL London - Hampstead - A rectangular cover with a background composed of squares Leyburn - Round lid with a handle in its center Sirmione - Square Cover - Municipality of Sirmione Catering - Diagonal - BRICKHOUSE Salò - A general square lid with slots and a middle opening in the middle Kettering - Rectangular - TUTBURY Salò - Square covers with slots - 2 Salò - square cover London - Camden Town London - diagonal cover - CHERTSEY SURREY

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