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1826 Gan Yavne - Drainage
Ha’Anafa/Zamir, Gan Yavne, Israel
1827 Herzliya - Drainage
Yigal Alon St 3, Herzliya, Israel
1828 Netanya - Communication
Ha-Melakhim St 6, Netanya, Israel
1829 Petah Tikva - Old sewage cover
Hovevei Tsiyon St 26, Petah Tikva, Israel
1830 Rosh Ha’ayin - Drainage
Ha-Rav Shalom Shabazi St 24, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1831 St. Albans - Agrarian
Cotton Mill Swimming Pool, Cottonmill Ln, St Albans AL1 1HJ, UK
1832 St. Albans - Dudley & Dowell
Unnamed Road, St Albans AL1 2DJ, UK
1833 St. Albans - Round Lid - Gentle
2 Old London Rd, St Albans AL1 1QQ, UK
1834 St. Albans - J. C. Hulse
228 Sandpit Ln, St Albans AL4 0BU, UK
1835 St. Albans - Neville
Bonehill Cottages, Chiswell Green Ln, St Albans AL2 3NS, UK
1836 St. Albans - St Albans Corporation
Cottonmill Ln, St Albans AL1 2BB, UK
1837 St. Albans - J.Stone & Co
3 Dickens Cl, St Albans AL3 5PP, UK
1838 St. Albans - A.C. Woodrow
47 King Harry Ln, St Albans AL3 4AX, UK
1839 Kfar Monash - Public Works Department - Electricity
Kfar Monash, Israel
1840 Elyashiv - general cover with parts covered with concrete
HaBe’er St 1, Elyashiv, Israel
1841 Tel Mond - Drainage - 2002
Avnei Hen St 27, Tel Mond, Israel
1842 Hod HaSharon - Mei Hod Hasharon - Sewage
Golda Me’ir St 9, Hod Hasharon, Israel
1843 Drainage cover from Jerusalem in the city of Lod
Ha-Histadrut St 19, Lod, Israel
1844 Rosh HaAyin - Ein Afek - Sewage (2)
Shilo St 25, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1845 Gan Yavne - Sewage - 2000
Derech Canada 49, Gan Yavne, Israel
1846 Rehovot - Drainage - Gilded
Ya’akov St 18, Rehovot, Israel
1847 Rosh HaAyin - Water - Gilded
Ibn Gabirol St 51, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1848 Netanya - Communications - concrete cover with a metal label
Ha-Melakhim St 6, Netanya, Israel
1849 Cóbreces - Sanitation
Barrio Cóbreces, 96B, 39320 Cóbreces, Cantabria, Spain
1850 Santander - Sewage
Calle del Medio, 5, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

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