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This category is part of DIN19580 / EN 1433 Load Standard
The covers are divided into categories according to their capacity to withstand loads. These categories are marked A to F, where A specifies the lids intended to withstand the light load and F at the highest loads. The letter is usually accompanied by a maximum weight that the lod can withstand in Kilo Newton units (apx. 100 Kg). For example, the C250 represents a C-class cover that can carry a load of up to 250kN which are close to 25 tons (25,000 Kg).

F Category is used for places where very heavy weight tools such as airports are passed, the F900 shows a lid capable of up to 90 tons (900 kilo Newton, or 202,320 pounds)

An example of a cover that carries the standard on the "ultimate manhole covers" site. From this lid the picture that appears in the general section was taken.
There are 46 manhole covers in the site that has this maximum load mark
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