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There are 57 manhole covers that belong to type 385 (Click the number for the cover type information):       Show on map List mode

Steam - The Pennsylvania State University Storm cover - The Pennsylvania State University Medford - MET Santa Monica - Edison Brussels - Water - Les intercommunales bruxelloises Brussels - Cover with circles made up of squares Cordova - EMACSA - Water Supply New York - Manhattan - Bureau of Sewers Berlin - Water - PEGEL Woluwe-Saint-Pierre - Woluwe Budapest - Sewage Department - 2005 Bogota - A circular lid of the Bogota Water and Sewerage Company Baku - The old town of Baku (2) Vienna - EGW Vienna - Round cover with background consisting of circles with squares Ecuador - EMETEL Buenos Aires - OSN Quito - TELEHOLDING London - a small rectangular lid with a round lid pattern inside New York - Manhattan - A round lid with rays coming out of the center surrounded by circles Oakland - Sewage San Diego - La Jolla - University of California, San Diego - Electricity Girona - Sewage New Haven - Lid with a background of several circles Podgorica - Sewage Pristina - Bast-trade Vienna - Heating (2) Vienna - PEGEL - Water Tallinn - a round lid with circles consisting of squares Espinelves - Gas - a round lid with a background of circles and circles of squares Philadelphia - a round lid with the text CITY in the center Dehradun - A cover with a background of circles made up of squares Philadelphia - Steam Lisbon - EPAL - tiny water cap (3) Warsaw - cover for the Wavin company Lisbon - Sewage (9) Quito - Andinatel Chełmno - A round lid with the letter A in the center Freshwater, NL - Sewage Placentia, NL - Drainage Banská Bystrica - A lid with circles of squares Banská Bystrica - A lid with circles of squares (2) Wheeling, WV - Cover with a background of circles made up of squares Wheeling, WV - Sewage Paris - round gas cap - PCh Brno - the center of Brno - a cover with a star in the center Kami - Sewer Seoul - City gas Busan - sewage Seogwipo - Cover with the name of the city on it Warsaw - AW SA II London - Greenwich - Ispection Chamber (2) Jerusalem - Department of Water Supply Sonipat - a lid with a background consisting of circles of squares Bay Lake - Epcot - a manhole cover with a figure of Mickey Mouse in the center Warsaw - cover for the Wavin company (2) Dresden - Pegel-Twd

The ultimate manhole covers site

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