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Bratislava - Outdoor sculpture - Man at work - CUMIL Osaka - A colorful lid with a drawing of Osaka Castle Ogijima - fire hydrant - colored Osaka - fire hydrant Kyoto - boards indicating directions to central sites in the city Kyoto - boards indicating directions to streets in the city Nara - a lid with an illustration of a deer San Isidro - Sedapal Budapest - UPC Delphi - The sun symbol in a triangle Baku - Drain cover with grooves in the shape of tree leaves Old Acre - Drain cover with grooves along arches Haifa - Turkish Market - Cameras - 2012 Cagliari - RAFFAELO Cagliari - Circles composed of rectangles Cagliari - Cover with a background of the manufacturer’s logo Bratislava - Sewage Bratislava - A square cover with squares Oravský Podzámok - Round lid with F in center surrounded by squares Prague - Round drainage cover Prague - a small water cover Prague - Cover with a table background Prague - Very small round water cover Prague - Radlická Slévárna Prague - Large round cover Prague - Gas Prague - gas - a small cap Prague - Sewage - VIATOP Prague - Sewage - REXEL Prague - Cover with a table background 2 Prague - VLCEK Prague - Water Supply Headquarters Prague - Cover with a background of squares with an opening handle Thessaloniki - OTE Thessaloniki - a lid with a background of squares composed of diamonds Thessaloniki - square cover Thessaloniki - Lighting Chaniotis - KX Portaria - Round cover Portaria - cover with different sized rectangles Makrinitsa - Metallic cover Makrinitsa  - round cover Portaria - Round lid with hinge and handle on edges Kalabaka - Cover with a background of squares Kalabaka - DZ Zagori - PARXESS 400 Zagori - PARXESS 600 Kastoria - OTE Kastoria - DEYAK Kastoria - washing water - Hydrometer Kastoria - OTE RURAL Kastoria - WIS Thessaloniki - OAB Gondar - TELE cover Positano - ACQUEDOT Positano - SIPTEL Positano - ACQUEDOTTO Putignano - Sewage - AQP Putignano - Sewage - AQP (2) Putignano - Sewage - EAAP Putignano - a small water cover Alberobello - Sewage cover with the emblem of the Fascist party Monopoly - Sewage cover with the symbol of the Fascist party Polignano a Mare - Sewage  Polignano a Mare - SIP Lecce - Cover with the emblem of the Fascist movement (2) Lecce - square cover with arrowheads Lecce - sewage - AQP Lecce - drainage - AQVA 550 Matera - Cover with a background made of the letters LI Lecce - Telecom Italia Lecce - ISPEZIONE 500 Matera - A lid with a background made of a fork-shaped icon with two teeth Matera - Cover with a background made of the letters LI - italics Trani - REXEL Trani  - water - small cap Gallipoli - sewage - AQP Gallipoli - square cover with arrowheads Trani - Electricity - AMET Osaka - NTT Osaka - Water control valve Osaka - water supply Kyoto - symbol of the city in the center and trapezoid with circles Kyoto - fire hydrant (2) Kyoto - Disaster prevention Kyoto - cover in Arashiyama Kyoto - water meter - Modular Nara Nara - Water meter stop valve Nara - Water meter stop valve (2) Nara - A lid with slots in the form of circles and rectangles Nara - Electricity Nara - Electricity (2) Nara - Air valve Nara - Don’t litter, no smoking Koyasan - sewage Koyasan - Cover with a background of small triangles and  squares Koyasan - Water supply Nara - Round cover with a background of peg Ogijima - Flooding system Ogijima - Round covers with a background in the form of building bricks Ogijima - fire hydrant - colored (2) Naoshima - cover with a background that contains the city emblem Naoshima - Sewage Naoshima - Air valve Naoshima - Gate valve Teshima - Gate valve Teshima - Water meter stop valve Rishon LeZion - Sewage - Large city’s emblem - 2010 Lima - PTL Miraflores - Telemex Miraflores - PTL Cusco - Santa-Maria Sedapal Cusco - Sedapal Cusco - A.S.A.P.D. Cusco - Sanitary Works Cusco - Drainage Cusco - A&G Cusco - Entel Cusco - AT&T Cusco - Round lid with lifting axle Cusco - Telefónica Cusco - Telefónica (2) Cusco - STP - gilded Cusco - FVV - Drinking water Cusco - Sanitary Works (2) Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu District) - M DE S Cusco - Route to Antisuyo Trek Cusco - A round lid with a lifting axis and a Rhombus in the center Huacachina - emapica - Water Huacachina - Nemesta Ica - emapica Huacachina - DL Miraflores - Sedapal - Drainage Miraflores - A wide metal frame concrete cover Miraflores - G & Z - drainage Miraflores - Sedapal - Drainage (2) Miraflores - F. DOMINGUEZ Miraflores - Cover with a faucet icon San Isidro - Bell South Miraflores - Claro Miraflores - Sedapal Budapest - Sewage Department (8) Budapest - Electrical Works (2) Budapest - General cover - Gilded Budapest - Sewage Department - 2005 Budapest - Large gas cap Budapest - Calvin Square plaques - Calvin and Pál Szentendre - A lid with a network of circles and the city symbol in the center Szentendre - PURATOR Loutraki Agii Theodori - washing water Loutraki Agii Theodori - OTE Loutraki - MUFLE Loutraki - BRICKHOUSE Loutraki - Rectangular lid with rounded corners Loutraki - washing water Loutraki - sewage Loutraki - DEYA Antirrio - Round text-free lid with squares background Corinth - The mother of all cities Corinth - DEYA - 1992 Antirrio -  washing water Corinth - A Square water cap Corinth - Water Nafpaktos - OTE Nafpaktos - Round lid with background of slots Nafpaktos - A cover that may be intended for the city of Patras Nafpaktos - A lid with a circle and two combined arches in the center Megalo Chorio - Round lid with slots Megalo Chorio - Cover with a backdrop consisting of rhombus handle and 2 grip rings Megalo Chorio  - Square cover with arrowhead background and a handle Megalo Chorio  - washing water Lamia - Small modular lid Lamia - Viofre Arachova - A cover with a background made up of short lines Arachova - N-A Arachova - a lid with a background of rhombuses and a handle on the center Delphi - XTREME CASTING lid Delphi - IAS lid Delphi - The image of the winged Sphinx from Nexus Delphi - A square cover with arrowheads Delphi - Drainage of pavement Delphi - Lid with a background of slots and a large square in the center Arachova - A square water cap Arachova - Small water cap with handle in center Arachova - Cover with two backgrounds perpendicular to each other Athens - Round Sewer Cover Athens - Gas cap made in the UK Athens - washing water (2) Athens - EYDAP - Sewer cap Athens - washing water (3) Athens - EYDAP - Sewer cap (2) Athens - ISPEZIONE General Cover Vytina - Viofre Vytina - A background with bumps in the form of hexagons Antirrio - A lid with a background similar to small glasses Hydra - Lid with a symbol similar to the letter X in the center Hydra - Lid with several circuits in the center Hydra -  - Round lid with arrowhead background Spetses - washing water

The ultimate manhole covers site

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