There are 53 covers in the city Jerusalem:      Show on map Thumbnails mode

1 HOT - Optical Fiber
Levona street, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel
2 Drainage - American Colony
1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem Israel
3 The Old City of Jerusalem
Chabad Street, Old city, Jerusalem, Israel
4 Water - Jerusalem
Derech Balfour, Jerusalem, Israel
5 Water - Jerusalem
An alley from Vardinon Street, Gilo neighborhood, Jerusalem
6 Sewage - Hagihon - Jerusalem (Kiryat Moshe)
Sderot HaMe’iri 8, Jerusalem, Israel
7 Water Supply Department - Jerusalem - small cover
Ben Yehuda 17-19, Jerusalem, Israel
8 Drainage of pavement - Gilo Jerusalem
Levona street, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel
9 Lighting - Jerusalem Municipality - 2014
Sderot HaMe’iri 7, Jerusalem, Israel
10 Sewage - Hagihon - Gilo
Arie Ben-Eliezer Street, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel
11 Lighting - Old City - "Chameleon"
Near the Jaffa Gate, the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
12 Postal and Telegraph Department - Givat Ram
Sprinzak Building, The Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
13 Israel Post - with slots
Levona street, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel
14 Water - Jerusalem - Round lid in a square frame
Derech Balfour, Jerusalem, Israel
15 Water - Jerusalem - Department of Water Supply
An alley from Vardinon Street, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel
16 Water - Jerusalem - The Gihon
Sderot HaMe’iri 8, Jerusalem, Israel
17 Lighting - Jerusalem Municipality - City Center (the triangle) - 2008
Shamai St 1, Jerusalem, Israel
18 Hagihon - Jerusalem - small cover
Shoshana Polyakov St 3, Jerusalem, Israel
19 Lighting - Jerusalem
Shamai St 5, Jerusalem, Israel
20 Jerusalem - Urban Communication
Agripas St 4, Jerusalem, Israel
21 Drainage - Hagihon - Cover with circles composed of rhombuses
Shamai St 2, Jerusalem, Israel
22 Sewage cover from Mevaseret Zion in the center of Jerusalem
Shmu’el ha-Nagid St 8, Jerusalem, Israel
23 The Jerusalem Municipality - Communication - 2005
King George St 22, Jerusalem, Israel
24 Jerusalem - Cover with tiles
Ben Hillel St 2-4, Jerusalem, Israel
25 Jerusalem - Cover with 2 lifting handles
Ya’avets St 2-10, Jerusalem, Israel

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