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There are 212 manhole covers in the city Manchester:       Show on map Thumbnails mode

201 Manchester - cover with a background of rhombuses (2)
73-83 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4NQ, UK
202 Manchester - Square cover with checkered background and no inscription
Unit 3, 73-83 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4AQ, UK
203 Manchester - Fire hydrant - Diagonal
92 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M30 0WZ, UK
204 Manchester - Small square drain cover
56 Peter St, Manchester M2 3NQ, UK
205 Manchester - traffic lights (5)
3013 Lower Mosley St, Manchester M2 3DW, UK
206 Manchester - drain cover with narrow slots
26 Oxford St, Manchester M2 3WQ, UK
207 Manchester - Cover with backgrounds of triangles - and CA logo
15 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DF, UK
208 Manchester - manhole cover made in India
Righton, Manchester M15 6BG, UK
209 Manchester - a cover in the center of a circle and the letters RiC
University Shopping Centre (Stop F), Manchester M13 9PL, UK
210 Manchester - a lid with many slots and prominent circles in them
1 Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1UN, UK
211 Manchester - Small rectangular drain cover
256 Upper Chorlton Rd, Firswood, Stretford, Manchester M16 0BN, UK
212 Manchester - drain cover with 2 rows of grooves
40 Upper Chorlton Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 7RN, UK

The ultimate manhole covers site

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