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126 Vytina - A background with bumps in the form of hexagons
Βυτίνα, Vitina 220 10, יוון
127 Antirrio - A lid with a background similar to small glasses
Dimokratias 1, Antirrio 300 20, Greece
128 Hydra - Lid with a symbol similar to the letter X in the center
Hydra, 180 40, Greece
129 Hydra - Lid with several circuits in the center
Hydra, 180 40, Greece
130 Hydra - - Round lid with arrowhead background
Unnamed Road, Idra 180 40, Greece
131 Spetses - washing water
Epar.Od. Spetson-Moni Agion Anargiron, Spetses 180 50, Greece
132 Chalkidiki - Ouranoupoli - Cover with a background of slots
Unnamed Road, Ouranoupoli 630 75, Greece
133 Chalkidiki - Ouranoupoli - PVC Cover
Unnamed Road, Ouranoupoli 630 75, Greece
134 Skala Eresou - cover with a background of squares
Epar.Od. Kallonis-Skala Eresou, Skala Eresou 811 05, Greece
135 Metsovo - Rexess lid
Tzoumaka 7, Metsovo 442 00, Greece

The ultimate manhole covers site

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