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26 Ludlow - Triangle lid - HARTLID
B4361, Ludlow SY8 2BW, UK
27 London - A triangle composed of several circles (2)
221A Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6AB, UK
28 London - EXTEL
1 King’s Cross Rd, Islington, London WC1X 9HX, UK
29 Ramsgate - a tiny lid with a lifting hinge
15 Broad St, Ramsgate CT11 8QY, UK
30 Ramsgate - Multiple Pump
97 S Eastern Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9QE, UK
31 Ramsgate - Dover Engineering Works
55 Pegwell Rd, Ramsgate CT11 0NP, UK
32 Ramsgate - a lid that is partly round with a level axis - RC
6 Spencer St, Ramsgate CT11 9LB, UK
33 Ramsgate - Safeticurb
Paragon Mansions, 19-21 Paragon, Ramsgate CT11 9JX, UK
34 Ramsgate - Fire Hydrant - PENTRE
30 Duncan Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9QH, UK
35 Ramsgate - An old lid half of which has drainage grooves
25 Upper Dumpton Park Rd, Ramsgate CT11 7PE, UK
36 London - Elliptical lid with two lifting handles
46 Renfrew Rd, London SE11 4NA, UK
37 Ramsgate - Water cover
1 Cannon Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9TY, UK
38 Sandwich - a lid consisting of a ring and a metal cross in the center
5 Bowling St, Sandwich CT13 9HA, UK
39 London - Octagonal lid
18 The Spinney, London N21 1LH, UK

The ultimate manhole covers site

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